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Things to remember while building React Application

React Integration with Other APIs

React integration is nothing but converting Web component to React component by using JSX, Redux and other methods of ReactJS.

I would like to share here, best practice to be followed to have 100% quality output.

Things to Remember while creating Application with ReactJS:

  • Before you start working on ReactJS, always remember that it is just a View Library, not the MVC framework.
  • It is advisable to have small length of component to deal with classes and modules as well as it makes life easy while code understanding, unit testing and long run maintenance of component.
  • React has introduced Functions of props in its 0.14 version which is recommended to use, it is also known as functional component which helps to split your component.
  • To avoid painful journey while dealing with React-based app, please don’t use much states.
  • As I said earlier that ReactJS is only view library so, to deal with rendering part, I recommend to use Redux rather than other framework of Flux.
  • If you want to have more type safety then always use propTypes which also helps to catch bug early and acts as a document.
  • I recommend use of shallow rendering method to test React component which allows rendering single component without touching their child components.
  • While dealing with large ReactJS applications, always use Webpack, NPM, ES6, JSX and Babel to complete your application.
  • If you want to have deep dive into ReactJS application and its elements, you can use Reduxdev tools.

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