Summary of AlloyUI

AlloyUI provides you UI components which we can scale according to our requirements and consistent look and feel for your application. It’s a structure enclosing JavaScript extensions of Yahoo UI (YUI). YUI’s modules and add up its own components to provide you the awesomeness UI. AlloyUI also using Twitter Bootstrap to make and update the styling of components easy.

Why AlloyUI

  • AlloyUI component is built on top of YUI.
  • YUI help you to build high quality production-level widgets quickly.
  • YUI has a flexible, elegant architecture that is easy to extend. It is useful in both small as well as large scale projects.

YUI helps to reduce the size of your up-front JavaScript’s request download, and lazily loads other modules as needed. For the developer, Liferay provides special tag libraries that let you designate JavaScript for parsing only after your page’s HTML and CSS have been loaded. This often speeds up the availability of your UI to your user.

Now a days, as we know, many of the developers in the Liferay community likes to use jQuery but in the current version of liferay 7 gives the freedom to developer to use any javascript framework. we can also use any third party libraries like angular,react , vue etc.

Note: AlloyUI Library is available to you in Liferay old versions.

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