What’s new in Bootstrap 4 alpha

Bootstrap 4 comes with ton of major changes so it’s impossible to cover them all in detail here, so here are some of our most major changes:

  • Moved from Less to Sass:Using Libsass bootstrap now compiles Sass faster then ever, and also joined large community of Sass developers.
  • Improved grid system: Bootstrap now have added a new grid standard to better target mobile devices.
  • Flexbox support: The future of web is now change a boolean variable and recompile your CSS to take advantage of a flexbox-based grid system and components.
  • Customization is easy:In Bootstrap 4 Now It’s easy to customize the some CSS style options instead of creating new style of like box-shadows,text-shadows transitions, gradients, and more to a separate stylesheet like v3, bootstrap moved all these options into Sass variables. If we want default transitions on everything or to disable rounded corners? Simply we just need to update a variable in Sass and recompiled it.
  • Drop IE8 support and moved to rem and em units: Bootstrap 4 dropped support for IE8 and we can take advantage of the CSS3 without being held back with CSS hacks or fallbacks. Typography Pixels have been swapped for rems and ems where appropriate to make responsive and component sizing even easier. If you need IE8 support, keep using Bootstrap 3.
  • Rewrote all our JavaScript plugins: Every plugin has been rewritten in ES6 to take advantage of the newest JavaScript enhancements. They also now come with UMD support, generic teardown methods, option type checking, and tons more.
  • Tooltips and Popovers: Bootstrap 4 improved auto-placement of tooltips and popovers using library called Tether.

And many other things like Custom form controls, margin and padding classes, new utility classes, and more have also been included.

Know more about Bootstrap 4 head to the v4 alpha docs!

One more thing…

Bootstrap 4 alpha also launching our latest side project, Official Bootstrap Themes.

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